Free Bible Art Image / Picture


Please enjoy this free image of bible art Galatians 2:20 biblical scripture with pretty pearls frame in sensational silver.  Feel free to share this with friends and family.  Yes, it is 100% free for you to use however you like.  Thank you for visiting today!  Jesus bless you.

Bride of Christ welcome!

Dear Bride of Christ,

Welcome to the wedding supper in heaven!  We have set a wonderful wedding supper for you as the Bride of Christ and all you have to do is r.s.v.p. with righteousness and the fruit of the spirit… love, joy, patience, kindness, peace, faith, gentleness, self control.  We look forward to serving you!

Please visit this link to some inspiring inspirational images and words (the holy word) for the Bride of Christ: Bride of Christ inspiring images & inspirational words